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Here's a guide to get you started with Sponteous!

1. Room Types

Under the "Room Types" tab, specify which room types are upgradable and fill in the fields for minimum and maximum bid, as well as the minimum amount for automated acceptance. Make sure to review your translation by using the language dropdown in the left corner.

? Tips : For each room type, you can select up to 2 backup room types, along with the 2 upgradable rooms, to maximize your upselling potential. If one of your chosen upgradable room types is unavailable when sending a bidding request or on the bidding page, Sponteous will display your first backup room. Should your first backup room also be unavailable, Sponteous will then present your second backup room.


*Integration with Cloudbeds, Opera, Stayntouch and Clock PMS+ does not retrieve translations. These must be added manually.

*Integration with Opera and Clock PMS+ does not retrieve room types pictures. These must be added manually.

2. Extras

You can offer products to your guests (e.g., late checkout, champagne, etc.) that will be displayed on the bidding page. These products can be linked to those in your PMS and have dynamic pricing, using the Relative pricing (based on your PMS price) or a Fixed price.

? Tips : To maximize conversion and create a sense or urgency, we suggest to add discounts to your extras.


3. Settings

3.1 Settings/Integration

When an offer is accepted, Sponteous automatically adds a charge to your guest's folio. In the "Product mapping" section, link the product to be used by Sponteous to add a charge to your guest’s folios.


You can also add a custom note that will be added when an offer is accepted (not available with all our integrations).


3.2 Settings/Emails

Customize your emails and content.  

Custom Domain 

Sponteous allows you to send emails from your own domain (e.g., instead of To enable this feature, go to Settings/Emails/Domain. Enter your domain ( and copy-paste the CNAME records in the DNS record manager of your domain name provider. We strongly recommend using your own domain as it should improve your email deliverability.

(OPTIONAL) If you wish to use your own template, you can provide us with the HTML code to use.


3.3 Settings/Customization

Personalize the bidding page (colors, fonts, etc.).


3.4 Settings/Segments

You have the option to add restrictions for segments to exclude or allow. This can include rate types, email addresses, or stay duration.


3.5 Settings/Billing

Add a payment method. Without a valid payment method, you will not be able to activate automatic request sending.

3.6 Settings/Alerts

Add your email or those of your collaborators to be informed of new bids or receive reports.

3.7 Settings/SMS & WhatsApp

If you plan to activate our SMS and WhatsApp feature, you can customize your messages.

For SMS, you can define your Alphanumeric Sender IDs (Short name). It can be up to 11 characters long. Most countries support Alphanumeric Sender IDs, however some countries such as Canada, United States, Belgium, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia does not support it. For the full list, click here.

3.8 Settings/Automation

Determine when to send your requests and when the platform should accept the best offers. You can also define when to send the acceptance confirmation email.


Check the "Allow 'Extras Only' requests" box if you want Sponteous to send a message to guests who do not qualify for bidding for an upgrade (no availability or no upgradable room type). The message will invite your guests to "customize their stay," and the bidding page will only display your extras.


IMPORTANT: Requests will be sent as soon as automated sending is activated.


In addition to emails and SMS messages, Sponteous allows sending WhatsApp messages. To activate this feature, simply fill this form, and we will proceed with Meta approval (Meta approval may take up to 10 business days). 

? Tips : We do recommend to activate SMS or WhatsApp as it generally increase the bid volume by 20% to 60%.



4. User Management

Click on the name of your property (top right), then choose "User management."


You can add collaborators and assign specific permissions.


Here is a summary of the permissions

5. OTAs

OTAs, such as have strict security measures regarding guest communication. In order to allow Sponteous to reach your guests, here's what to do : 

  1. Sign in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then Messaging preferences
  3. Click Security settings
  4. Click Add an email address and enter your email domain (e.g. AND AND
  5. Click Add a link and enter


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